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CGHS scale Mapping orders issued by MTNL CO are given below -




10-04-2015 TPA Delhi has sent a list of 589 retirees whose Indoor Medical Cards have been received back undelivered. The list contains the PC Nos. Only. The list is given in the link below. Any retiree who has not received the indoor medical card may check the list and then contact the TPA in CTO Canteen and collect the Medical Card from him.


MTNL CO has sent a letter to GS in response to RTOWA letter for payment of Arrears of pension mentioning that MTNL has already paid the contribution of Pension to DOT and now it is the responsibility of DOT to pay the pension and arrears of Pension. (For copy of letter please click the link below.






Retirement Forms




Below is a Sample Set of Forms required to be filled by a MTNL retiring employee. Following details need to be observed at the time of Retirement –




  1. The following Forms uploaded in three files may be downloaded and prints taken.


  2. These Forms are for SAMPLE only. Actual forms have to be taken from Pension cell near AO(Cash) Office Eastern Court.


  3. The Forms have to be filled in triplicate


  4. The Pension Cell starts giving Pension Forms Three Months in advance of date of retirement.


  5. All Forms after Completion have to be deposited in the Pension Cell.


  6. All Forms should be countersigned by the Unit Officer concerned.


  7. All Signatures should be attested.








Building Clearance Form –


Every Employee before retirement has to fill a building Clearance Form. This form has to be counter signed by the unit officer.


The Employees In possession of MTNL Accommodation has to fill a surety bond on Rs. 100/= Non Judicial Stamp Paper also.


The Form and Surety Bond has to be deposited in the Building Section 6th  Floor Khurshid Lal Bhawan.


The Sample Form and Format of Surety Bond is given below. It may be downloaded.





Medical Cards


The OPD Medical card and Indoor Medical card are issued after issue of PPO book by Pension Cell.


All Employees has to Visit Room No. 421( Medical Room)  Khurshid Lal Bhawan with a photocopy of PPO book, Two Joint photographs (Husband and Wife), affidavit attested by the Notary and the filled OPD Form. The sample OPD card form and sample of Affidavit is given below.


 The indoor medical card may be collected from TPA office , 1st Floor, TAX Building.




  The OPD bills claims form is given below.



 The Indoor / TPA bills claims form is given below wherever required.





In Case of Death of a Pensioner


Form to be filled by the Spouse of Decesed Pensioner is given below-



 Life Certificate


Form to be filled for giving life Certificate by a Pensioner -







 List of Empanelled Hospital under CGHS














All retirees should give the details of the savings for exemption under income tax in the following Performa.





Pension Central Govt.







Pensioner Training Letter









Identity Card of Pensioners Performa